In April 1996 the simulator was removed from The Earth Exchange museum.
It was not until May 1998 that work began on recommissioning this unique device.
Culminating in almost 3000hrs of work the simulator was re-engineered from a workshop located in Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW.
The new design is a more functional and modular configuration enabling it to be transported and installed in various possible sites and locations.

Beginning mid 1998, the following research, design and fabrication work was undertaken;
* Redesign of 3-Phase start up unit for the hydraulic powerpack.
* Laying out a working model to test all hydraulic rams and solenoid valve actuators.
* Reconfigure Festo Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and eliminate existing hardware problems.
* Learn to operate Festo Software Tools (FST) operating system.
* Redesign driver board unit, eliminating malfunctional relays communicating to solenoid valves.
* Design for a new modular structural sub frame and a modified top frame.
* Actual engineering fabrication of the design has been implemented and realised

The simulator has been fully operational since March 2000.

Sub Frame Fabrication [57kb]


Top Frame Flanging Fabrication [63kb]


Leichhardt Workshop [68kb]


Video Still [31kb]


Floor Panel Restoration [55kb]


Top Frame Fabrication [45kb]


Profile Cutting Work [57kb]


Proportional Hydraulic Test Stand [62kb]


Hydraulic Floor Layout [43kb]


Overhead View No Frame [43kb]


Sub Frame Top Frame Rear View [59kb]


Fabrication Art [61kb]


Overhead View Sub Frame Top Frame [69kb]


Vertical Motion Cylinders [52kb]



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