Allow for 3 programs to be run - 2 for main programme and one test programme
Program 1 - T003
Program 2 - T004
Test Program - T25

PC to send signal (T002) to indicate that program is to start running. The program will not run unless Attendants give the OK signal (T001)

The program is to run a monitoring program before main program operates. This monitoring program will check the following and if anything is wrong it will not opearte the program. The monitoring will look at;


1. LOADING: 4 inputs (T11, T12, T13, T14)
If each value has difference greater than kg, then program lights up T119-06.4.
Also if total of 4 inputs is greater than kg then T119-O6.4 lights up.

2. AIR PRESSURE: If air pressure reading (T010)(T009) is less than kpa or greater than kpa, then light up T118-O0.63

3. OIL PRESSURE: If oil pressure reading (T15) is less than 500kpa or greater than 1500kpa then light up T117-O6.2

If above inputs are running OK then program starts and during the program if any of the following exceeds their limit then the program will stop.

1. SIMULATOR LIFT: if indicator activates (T019-O0.0) then program lights (T120-O6.5)

2. SIMULATOR DEFLECTION: if indiactor activates (T20-O0.1) then program lights (T121-O6.6)

3. SIMULATOR OFFSET: if indicator activates (T22-O0.2) then program lights (T124-O6.7)

4. AIR PROP REG VALVE: if input from regulator valve (T010) then set output (O6.10-T125)

5. ACTUATING BEAMS AIR BAG PRESSURE: if pressure in air bag goes below kg (T016) then lights output (T122 - O6.7)

The program will firstly induce horizontal movement for a couple of seconds. Vertical movement will then occur.


Emergency stops will cut off power to circulating valve and the program will then stop.

When any stop is actuated-either by master controller (T006), Attendants stop (T005) or emergency stop, the program must discontinue operation. The return of all cylinders to the bottom position, deflation of all air bags, lowering of hydraulic jacks and returning horizontal cylinder to normal position shall take place when the stop signal is removed or a go signal sent, in the following order;

1. Return all cylinders to zero position 7 at a time

2. Return horizontal cylinders to original position

3. Return hydraulic jacks to original position

4. Deflate air bags

A program running light (T123-O6.8) will be activated when the signal from the PC is given to the PLC and will only go off when the program has stopped and all items have returned to its original position.



1. EMERGENCY STOPS: Stops program and cut power to circulating valve. Input to program and goes to reset program and then waits for reset signal.

2. ATTENDANTS STOP: stops program with T005. The program will stop and wait for reset (T007) signal to bring everything to original position.

3. PC STOP: the PC sends a stop signal to the program (T006) then everything stops and the program waits for reset signal (T007) to reset all components.

The program will first of all read and average the weight on the load cells. It will then set a pressure for the air bags. The jacks will then withdraw allowing the simulator to rest on the air bags. The simulation process will then start and after simulation the reset program then comes into effect.

Test program start (T25) and sets light (T126) until stop (T024). If test program operated then procedures must be operated and then a looping program put in. The test program stops when (T024) is activated. Say after simulation is finished , wait for 10 secs before dropping jacks and pressurising air bags. Actually 35 secs from end of simulation to end of story telling.

The end cylinders are to be lifted before simulation.

Small air bags pressure should be checked after each simulation and topped up at (?) bar.

Earthquake stop (T005), Emergency stop operated and test program stop must all deactivate/deenergise T027, hydraulic valve to the pump. The valve will turn on when PC signal to start operating is received. The oil pressure will increase to the desired level and activate the oil pressure OK signal to the PLC.

There will be two simulator lift proximity switches and these will together give output (T120) to light up the OK light.



PREPARATION -Check signal etc. End Cylinders Up

PRETREMOR -10mmlift for 2 secs (group of 4)
-20mm lift for 3 secs (group of 4 + group of 1)

Rest for 6 seconds

MAIN TREMOR -10mm for 5 secs (group of 4 x 2)
-20mm for 5 secs (group of 4 x 2)
-30mm for 6 secs (group of 4 x 2)
-20mm for 5 secs (group of 4 x 2)
-10mm for 5 secs (group of 4 x 2)

Rest for 25 secs

AFTERSHOCK -10mm for 2 secs (group of 4 )
-20mm for 5 secs (group of 4 x 2)
-10mm for 2 secs (group of 4 )


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