D.V. Rogers
DATE OF BIRTH: 9th April 1968, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.
2007-2010 Masters of Fine Art by Research (MFA), COFA, UNSW, NSW, Australia
1991-1994: Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA), Media Arts, COFA, UNSW, Australia
1989: Diploma Of Freelance Photojournalism, Correspondance Program, Sydney, Australia
1980-1985: Havelock North High School, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
2014-2015: DOMUS, Materials and Applications, Silverlake, Los Angeles, California, USA
2013: Earth Light Seat (ELS), Newtown, Sydney, Australia
2011: DISASTR Hotel - The Place You Stay When You Visit the Future Today! Sydney, NSW, Australia
2010: LAMoves (LA*02010) - Are You Prepared?, Los Angeles, California, USA
2008: Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF), CA, USA
2004: Founder of Meckering Earthquake Tourist Centre (Web Based)
2002: Seismonitor, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
2000- Designer/Maintainer of www.allshookup.org
1997-2000: Seismic, Recommissioning Of An Earthquake Simulator, Sydney, Australia
1996: Disseminated Catastrophes, Specimen, CuSeeMe Net Broadcast, Sydney, Australia
1995: A Demonstrators Ball, The Hooter Group, Ex Les Girls, Sydney, Australia
1995: Performance Pop, The Hooter Group, Ex Les Girls, Sydney, Australia
2019: 48th UAE National Day, Red Circle Productions, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2016: TABULA, Charles Gadeken, Brick Architectural, Palo Alto, California, USA
2015: European Games, Red Circle Productions, Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Baku, Azerbaijan
2014: Spacefolding, Holly Productions, ISEA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2011: Muck U Mucks, Big Day Out, Auckland, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Australia
2010: Cultural Development Advisory, BDO, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Australia
2008: Muck U Mucks, Big Day Out, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Australia
2007: Muck U Mucks, Big Day Out, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Australia
2000: Incognito, Stalker Theatre Company, Set Construction, Sydney, Australia
1999: Triclops International, Big Day Out, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Australia
1998: Triclops International, Safe Harbours, Ars Elecronica, Linz, Austria
1998: Triclops International, CTL98, Times Up, Linz, Austria
1998: Theory Of Flight, Arthur Young / Eugene Glurhareff, B Grade Performance, TPS, Sydney, Australia
1997: Sport and Porn, The Performance Space, Sydney, Australia
1997: Triclops International, Tomb Of Terror, Big Day Out, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia
1996: In The Event Of Amnesia, Denis Beaubois, Sydney, Australia
1996: Triclops International, Molten Godhead, White Bay, Sydney, Australia
1996: Beyond 2000, TPS, Off-Site Eventspace, White Bay, Sydney,NSW, Australia
1995: Post Arrivalists, Melbourne international Festival, Australia
1995: Below Post Arrivalist, Ex Les Girls, Kings Cross Sydney, Australia
1995: Post Launch,Victoria Park Bowling Club, Sydney, Australia
1994: Post Arrivalists, 25 Years Of Performance Art In Australia, TPS, Sydney
1994: Sydcouver, A Video Conference Between Sydney And Vancouver.
1994: Certified Post Arrivalist, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney Festival, Australia
1993: Proposed Post Arrivalist, 9th Biennale Of Sydney, TPS, Sydney, Australia
1992: Post Arrivalists, Opening, 9th Biennale Of Sydney,AGNSW, Australia
1992: Post Arrivalists, Taylor Square Arts Festival,Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia
1992: Post Arrivalists, The Performance Space Open Season, Australia
1992: Post Arrivalists, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia
1992: Post Arrivalists, Arts Underground, St James Station, Sydney Festival, Australia
1991: Post Arrivalists, Sound Culture, In Sea And Air, Cake Eaters Productions,Sydney, Australia
1991: Post Arrivalists,The Performance Space Open Season, Sydney, Australia
2016: Magnitude, with Ryan McGee, Nitro, Erskinville, Sydney, Australia.
2016: Terramomentum, with Ryan McGee, ICAD, ANU School of Music, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
2012: Shadow Zone Shadows with Ryan McGee, Allosphere Resarch Facility, UC Santa Barbara, CA, USA.
2002: Cell, Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia
2001: Triclops International, "What Is Music Festival", Newtown RSL, Sydney, Australia
1995 - 1997: Toy Death, Extreme Audio Research (EAR), Big Day Out, Beyond 2000, Performance PoP
1996: Mind's Eye: A Journey Into Sound, The Rocks, Sydney Festival, Australia.
1996: d.dog, Extreme Audio Research (EAR), Bentley Bar, Sydney, Australia.
1994: Extasis, A Graffiti Act, Graduation, College Of Fine Arts, Sydney, Australia.
1994: One 186 Two, Engine Works, College Of Fine Arts, Sydney, Australia.
1994: Caliente Na Na Car, Hot Bannana Morgan, TPS Open Season, Sydney, Australia.
1993: Dam Dental, The Performance Space Open Season, Sydney, Australia.
2011: DISASTR Hotel - The Right to the City, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University, Australia
2009: ArmouryX09, (91 Minutes of PIEQF, 3.5 Inch Digital Display) Newington Armoury, Sydney, Australia.
2009: Add-Art, KAP-Photography, Curator, Firefox Web.
2014: Anti-Seismic Architecture Rumbles Up in L.A., Architectural Record, USA.
2012: DISASTR Hotel, Artlink Vol 32, No 4, Australia.
2012: Interpretations of Data from the Seismic Field, ANAT Filter Magazine #79, Australia.
2010: The Spectacle of Seismicity: Making Art from Earthquakes, Leonardo, Vol 43, No.2, USA.
2010: ART + Science Now, Thames and Hudson, UK.
2009: Realtime Magazine #89, PIEQF, Australia.
2008: Make Magazine #16, PIEQF, USA.
2002: Seismonitor, Exhibition Catalogue, Artpace, Sydney, Australia.
2014: The DISASTR Effect, UNSW Art & Design, Paddington, Sydney, Australia.
2012: Are You Prepared?, Australia Council for the Arts, Sydney, Australia.
2012: Echology - Making Sense of Data, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Australia.
2010: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), California. USA.
2009: The Art-Science of Earthquakes, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California. USA.
2009: DorkbotLA, Machine Project, Los Angeles, California, USA.
2009: Newington Armoury, Silverwater, Sydney, NSW, Australia
2009: DorkbotSYD, Serial Space, Sydney, NSW, Australia
2009: College of Fine Arts, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia
2008: DorkbotSF, The Sometime Gallery, Oakland, California, USA.
2008: PIEQF, Fundraiser, NitroSeptimus, Sydney, Australia.
2000: Current Trends In New Media Practice, Metro Television, Sydney, Australia.
2012: Artist in Residence, Allosphere, California NanoSystems Institute, UCSB CA, USA
2007-2008: Artist in Residence, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California, USA.
2006: 100th Anniversay Conference Commemorating The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
2000: Current Trends In New Media Practice, Metro Television,Sydney, Australia
1999: Australian Earthquake Engineering Society, UTS, Sydney, Australia
1995: Survival Research Laboratories Workshop, Street Level,Blacktown, Sydney, Australia
2014: Experimental Arts, Australia Council For The Arts, Australia.
2012: Allosphere Residency, Australia Council For The Arts, Australia.
2007: Marketing Grant, National Association for Visual Arts (NAVA)Australia.
2006: Travel Conference Fund, (ANAT), Australia.
2000: New Media New Work Grant, Australia Council For The Arts, Australia.
1999: Scientific Serendipity Residency Program, ANAT, Australia.
1997: New Media Development Grant, Australia Council For The Arts, Australia.
Aboriginal islander Dance Theatre 1989-1991, Commonwealth Drums Festival 1990,
Post Arrivalists 1991-1996, Hot Bannana Morgan 1992-2000, Arts Underground 1992,
Prik Harness 1993-1995, Cool Calm and Deceptive 1993, Rod Nash 1994-1996,
Gravity Feed 1995-1996, ERTH 1995-1996, Theatre Of Sonics 1995, Meta Bass N Breath 1995,
Glow 1995, Minds Eye 1996, Triclops International 1996-2000, Seismonitor 2002,
Dead Chickens 2007, PIEQF 2008
2018: Tianhuo, Steelworker, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
2016: Alien Covenant, Steelworker, Sydney, Australia
2013: Mad Max Fury Road, Leading Hand Steelworker, Sydney, Australia
2005: Superman Returns, Steelworker, Sydney, Australia
2004: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, Steelworker Leading Hand, Auckland, New Zealand
2003-2004: Stealth, Steelworker, Sydney, Australia
2003: Star Wars, Episode III, Steelworker, Sydney, Australia
2000: A Recommissioned Machine Designed To Imitate The Behaviour Of Earthquakes, Producer, Editor, Australia
2000: Star Wars, Episode II, Steelworker, Sydney, Australia
1999: Anna And The King, Steelworker, Ipoh, Malaysia
1998: Babe In Metropolis, Steelworker, Sydney, Australia
1997: The Thin Red Line, Steelworker, Nth Queensland, Australia
1997: Tomb Of Terror, (Triclops International), Editor, Sound Post Production, Australia
1997: Molten Godhead 2, (Triclops International), Editor, Sound Post Production, Australia
1996: Oscar and Lucinda, Steelworker, NSW, Australia
1996: Rod Nash Machines, Producer, Editor, Australia
1995: A Demonstrators Ball, Producer, Editor, Australia
1995: Plumbers Of Cultural Vision, Producer, Editor, Australia
1994: One 186 Two, A Performance Document, Writer, Performer, Director, Editor, Australia
1994: Wig, Lights, Camera Assistant, Still Photography, Directed By Tim Henderson, Australia
1994: Post Arrivalists, Promotional Material, Editor, Australia
1994: Wildcard, Lights, Still Photography, Directed By Nicholas Wishart, Australia
1993: Godugly, Performer, Directed By Nick Hore, Australia

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