28th May - 28th July *02013
Newtown Art Tower
Sydney, Australia

EARTH LIGHT SEAT is a seismically responsive RGB LED lighting instrument triggered by global seismic data from Mw 0.1+ reported via Global Seismic Network (GSN). ELS responds to real-time reported global seismic activity while performing significant historical seismic events occuring this early 21st century as illuminating LED display.

A geologically interactive, urban intervention of seismic light, ELS is the first example of seismic LED controlled lighting display using Moment Magnitude Scale Color Schema (MwLUX) based on the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale representing seismic effect on global population.

When ELS is not performing real-time seismic activity or replaying historical seismic events, ELS is in a condition of pathos representing the breath of life reflecting the frequency of seismic resonance effecting the surface crust of the dynamic planet in which we inhabit.

"Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation." -- James Turrell

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Design and Development Team
Rene Christen (AUS) - Visualisation Engine Director
Benjamin Hennig (UK) - Seismic Geographic Mapping
Mark Lottor (US) - LED Hardware Director
D.V. Rogers (NZ/AUS) - Concept Director / Producer
Mr Snow (NZ/AUS) - Seismic Data Parsing Director
Nick Wishart - Executive Producer

Moment Magnitude LED Lux Scale (MwLUX)

USGS Realtime Earthquake Map
Moment Magnitude Scale
Seismic Data Feed
Mercalli Scale

Johnny Abbott, Richard Newton, Ronald Rametta, Stock Plum, Ryan McGee, Rod Nash,
Rick Best, Phillip Debar, John Weston, Greg Hajdu, Caroline McCleod,
Graham Ashwell, Zina Kaye, Tina Havelock Stevens and John Healy.


©© D.V. Rogers *02013