01SJ Seismic Siren

The red dots on the above image are symbolic points for potential seismic intervention. Anyone of these locations would be suitable to install a high frequency audio warning siren with an audible reach of 6000ft.

This siren will be interfaced to the seismic frequency of California which consistently produces 40-60 seismic events per day. Sometimes earthquake swarms take this number up to 200. Using the QDDS/QDM USGS seismic network this siren will activate in real time as Californian earthquakes occur.

Duration of siren when triggered is determined by magnitude. A M3.0 event lasts around 90 seconds and is scaled by algorythmic computation. The mean average is between M1.5 and M2.5. The siren will sleep between 9.30pm and 6.30am. Overnight seismic events will be archived and wake at 6.30am and replayed as post seismic events. The siren then resumes real time seismic control mode.

This seismic siren is proposed to be operational for the duration of SJ01 02010. It is approximated that the siren will be activated between 250 and 400 times during this six day period. This concept is not a short term seismic warning system. It is a long term metaphorical reminder that the planet we build upon and inhabit is geophysically dynamic.

From astrophysical beginnings our planet has been and continues to be built through geologic process. This seismic siren is a temporal realtime audio performance action referencing the scale of geologic time. The siren will bring to the surface the frequency of Californian seismic events and broadcast these seismic ruptures as sound waves heard by the general public up to 6 miles away.

Our built architectural worlds are designed to endure short term scales of time. The new worlds we build and inhabit are synthetic interventions within the landscape of imminent and frequent natural hazards. This seismic siren is a wake up call and timely reminder that we are positioned in a seismic world.

11th May 02009

Technical Rider:
1 x Federal Signal 2001-130 Electromechanical Siren
Internet Connectivity
QDDS/QDM USGS Seismic Feed
Custom Linux Contol Module