"Every day the urge grows stronger to get hold of an object at very close range by way of its likeness, its reproduction"

Walter Benjamin, "The Work Of Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction" 1936

Within the development of the computer, 20th century science has created its own apocalypse engine. The linking together of computers to share scientific data and to consolidate computing power, which was the early purpose of the Net, has become our new central nervous system- and a very nervous system it is. The shape and density of the data, the location of specific data, the locations of specific information, the very nature of this kind of space, are great unknowns, thus aligning our time with previous periods of great exploration and discovery.

Utilising a recommissioned machine (earthquake simulator) designed to imitate the behaviour of earthquakes an attempt will be made to enable the simulator to interpret and conceptually output the variable effects of globally monitored earthquakes by means of real-time remote data transmission.

The Seismonitor Project is seeking to explore theories of site and non-site. An investigation towards creating a machine control (automaton) arising from live representation (mirror) of a remote physical environment (earth). An installation based, system (telematic) artwork mapping the terrain of spatio temporality of shifting tectonics and digital information networks.

A methodical research process is required to realise this work. I am an artist, not a seismologist or computer systems engineer. To transcend the traditional domain of cultural representation I believe that artists must broaden their definitions of art material and contexts. This project will address my curiosity about scientific and technological research while acquiring the skills and knowledge that will allow my developing practice to significantly participate in this new world.

A major undertaking investigating the general principles of control, means of control, and their utilisation in engineering, seismology, and information database retrieval. The project will focus on the following three primary core components required to realise "The Seismonitor" control system;

1.Data Acquisition Of Globally Monitored Seismic Activity
2.Embedded Control System Design And Implementation
3.Experiments For Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration (DVA)


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