Terra Lumen Tower (TLT)
Pershing Square, Los Angeles, California

Terra LumenTower (TLT) is a dynamically controlled, LED public lighting display interfaced with the changing states of seismic activity and weather conditions proposed for installation on the tower of Pershing Square, Los Angeles.

Operating from dusk until midnight, Terra Lumen Tower incorporates the installation of 2100 LED light cluster balls to the exterior of the existing Pershing Square Tower. This LED light grid is set at one foot spacings apart, containing six LED lights in each cluster ball, producing full-spectrum illuminated color sequences, which are governed by geologic and atmospheric conditions.

Independently controlled, each light cluster ball is attached to power and data strings requiring minimal interference of installation to the aesthetic integrity of the current tower design; architecturally enhancing the existing tower. The lighting design is based around the idea of an illuminated environmental clock. When it rains, the tower rains down with light, and when the earth shakes, the tower oscillates and refracts with illumination are two key design features.

Pulsing with illuminated light the tower represents the idea of 'Ostes', or Latin for breath. Terra Lumen Tower is a visually interpretive lighting display representing the geologic and changing weather conditions of California. This architectural lighting installation is driven by computer algorithms, which determine the output sequence of collected earth science and weather data.

Terra Lumen Tower introduces Pershing Square to the 21st century as an example of contemporary urban illumination, creating social awareness of the dynamic planet in which Californian's inhabit.

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Contact: dvr@allshookup.org

June 02010